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The latest addition to the Vielight range is the X-Plus, developed to conveniently direct near-infrared (NIR) light to the cerebellum, brain stem and other parts of the body not already covered by the Vielight range.


What is Vielight? What is Photobiomodulation?




The Vielight X-Plus combines a single 810nm transcranial LED diode emitting near infrared light (NIR) and a 633nm intranasal applicator with an overall power output of up to 50mW/cm2.  Its new, flexible design delivers the ultimate versatility so the user can slide and comfortably position the 810nm headset in multiple locations. Thus, it can deliver photobiomodulation (PBM) to all essential areas of the brain and other parts of the body, not previously covered by other Vielight devices. 

An extra-long flexible stainless-steel band holds the NIR LED in place, wherever the user positions it. The new design allows for easy and effective irradiation of the posterior brain areas, such as the cerebellum, brain stem or midbrain.

Companion Use with other Vielight Neuro Devices

The X-Plus is usable on its own and in combination with other Vielight Neuro devices for a more holistic photobiomodulation process. It can be used consecutively and even at the same time with the Vielight Neuro Alpha or Neuro Gamma models. Light from the X-Plus is intended to triangulate with light from the Neuro devices to stimulate deeper reaches of the brain, such as the diencephalon and midbrain.

The addition of the X-Plus together with the Neuro Alpha or Neuro Gamma effectively covers all the essential areas of the brain in one treatment.

Multiple applications

The X-Plus is suitable for treatments on other parts of the body too. The flexibility of the metal band and functional design of this wearable device enables the user to place it in several positions, from head to toe. 

The 810nm LED can be directed to:
  • either the cerebellum or midbrain
  • thymus gland to stimulate the immune system
  • vagus nerve to stimulate parasympathetic function
  • the gut to stimulate the well-known gut-brain connection

The intranasal red 633nm wavelength applicator can be added to bring light therapy into the body via brain irradiation, for systemic treatment (of the circulatory system).

The Vielight X-Plus device comes with a one year's manufacturer guarantee. 

Vielight X-Plus Information Sheet

Vielight X-Plus User Manual


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