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  • Vielight Neuro Alpha

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    Vielight Neuro Alpha
    Vielight Neuro AlphaVielight Neuro AlphaVielight Neuro AlphaVielight Neuro Alpha
    Vielight Neuro AlphaVielight Neuro Alpha

    Product Overview

    The Vielight Neuro Alpha is the next generation in transcranial-intranasal near infrared (NIR) engineering, developed specifically for domestic use.

    Vielight have combined their patented technology of intranasal light therapy and transcranial photobiomodulation for efficient and effective whole-brain stimulation that targets the brain's default mode network (DMN).

    Research conducted at Boston University (Naeser 2016) has shown possible benefits of photobiomodulation being used to repair damaged neurons, as a result of brain disease or injury. 

    The Vielight Alpha is engineered to pulse at 10 Hz 50% duty cycle. This frequency is associated with brain oscillation in the alpha state.  Based on a study by Harvard Medical School, neurological recovery and performance was greatest when light energy was pulsed at 10 Hz (Hamblin 2006).

    In a study conducted by the University of Texas, near infrared energy stimulation produces beneficial effects on frontal cortex functions such as sustained attention, working memory, and affective state. This state also helps to release the calming chemicals seratonin, which helps alleviate sleep disorders.

    The Vielight Neuro Alpha may assist in the following:

    • Mental acuity
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Concussion recovery
    • Brain neurodegenerative symptoms
    • Neuro-developmental symptoms
    • Sleep
    • General brain health.
    Contact us for advice on whether the Alpha or Gamma is better suited to you.

    Product Information

    • Headset with nose applicator
    • Varying pulse frequencies 
    • State-of-the-art microchip technology to boost photonic 810nm power density within the transcranial clusters, reaching 300% of the power output of the original Neuro. 
    • Auto-timed for 20 minutes, resulting in specific total irradiation with near-infrared photons of sufficient power density per cycle.
    • The 10 Hz pulse rate correlates with alpha brainwave oscillations and overall enhanced cellular light absorption for overall neuronal photobiomodulation.


    One-year manufacturer’s warranty

    Returns Policy

    As a Vielight authorised distributor, we offer Vielight's 6-month satisfaction guarantee for an 80% refund of the purchase price. You should contact Pulse Laser Relief directly to process this refund.

    About photobiomodulation

    Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria.  Mitochondria, known as the “power generators” of neurons, absorb low level photons in the red/infra-red spectrum.  Utilising the science of photobiomodulation, the mitochondria can be energised, triggering some beneficial effects on the cells converting energy into a form of biological energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

    Low level light therapy has been researched by NASA for several years and has demonstrated the ability to alter, and improve, cellular function

    Further reading:

    You may be also interested in the Vielight Neuro Gamma

    What is the difference between Vielight Neuro Alpha and Gamma?

    Vielight Neuro Alpha uses the 10 Hz pluse rate, compared to the Neuro Gamma that pulses at 40 Hz.  The 40 Hz pulse rate correlates with EEG gamma brain wave entrainment, which has a stronger effect on memory and cognition enhancement. The 10 Hz pulse rate of the Vielight Neuro Alpha has an overall effect on neuronal health.

    Contact us for advice on whether the Alpha or Gamma is better suited to you.

    Visit our FAQ page for more information.

    Disclaimer: The above information is general information only. Pulse Laser Relief does not make any medical claims for specific medical conditions.

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