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How To Apply a PEMF Treatment


Where to deliver treatment:


Delivering a PEMF treatment is quite straightforward as you administer the treatment and place the product onto the area you are experiencing pain in or hoping to treat. The area in contact with the product will receive the treatment. 


For example: To treat arthritis in fingers, put Mini PEMF coils directly on the joints where the pain is experienced.


Another effective way to deliver treatment is to do some research into the trigger point that may be associated with your health condition and place the coils on the corresponding trigger point.

For sciatic pain, you may feel pain in legs but the symptoms originate from the injury in the lower back or spine. In such cases, we recommend you direct treatment toward the source of the injury. It is necessary to figure out the root cause of the problems so that you can apply PEMF devices properly. - MiraMate

Note: The closer the product/applicator is to the body, the more effective the treatment will be ensuring proper cell penetration. This means treatments can be applied through clothing but it will be less effective than on bare skin.


Usage times:


The duration of time that you apply a PEMF treatment for will vary depending on the type of condition that you are trying to treat. All MiraMate PEMF products that we sell are safe to use for long periods and do not have maximum usage.


For general health conditions, it is recommended to administer treatments for approximately 30 minutes a day. Treatments for chronic conditions or long term injury recovery also require at least 30 minutes of treatments a day, however, additional time is encouraged and more likely to lead to better results.


It is important that you do not conclude treatments as soon as you begin to see improvements. Regular treatments must be maintained to ensure a thorough recovery that prevents and avoids future recurrence.



Intensity Setting:


For both the MiraMate mini PEMF device and the PEMF mat, it is recommended that users operate their device on the maximum intensity setting. This will ensure that comprehensive treatment is delivered with every use. If your body is sensitive and/or does not respond well to this frequency you can start at a lower setting and gradually build your way up to the highest. This will allow your body to build up a tolerance and get used to the therapy treatment.


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