Handy Pulse Laser FAQ

Can I use two lasers at the same time during the same treatment?

Yes, you can use two lasers at the same time in different areas. 

Can low level laser assist blood circulation?

Yes, at the tissue level, blood microcirculation increases during and after the administration of low level laser therapy.

Can you use the laser on animals?

Yes, you can use the laser on animals. Many people use the laser on dogs and horses. 

Does the Handy Pulse Laser have different treatment settings?

Yes the 905nm pulsed laser component has three treatment settings. The first is variable which is 1000-2500Hz, 50Hz and 5Hz.

How deep does the laser penetrate?

The laser penetrates to a depth of approximately 10 centimetres.

How do I use the laser?

Here is a simple instruction video on using the Handy Pulse Laser device.

Using the Handy Pulse Laser

Note: The Handy Pulse Laser will not work while connected to power.


How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent on your condition. Some people will experience some relief of symptoms relatively quickly, while others may take longer. You should take guidance from your medical practitioner for how many therapeutic laser treatments you should perform and how regularly.

What will I feel during a treatment session?

Some people might feel a slight warming effect but usually people feel nothing during the treatment.

Can the laser burn me?

No, the Handy Pulse Laser is a safety class 1M laser device and produces no heat. 

Does the 5 minute treatment refer to one area or total time of treatment?

This refers to the pre-programmed 5 minute treatment session.  The user guide outlines the number of sessions required for each type of application, e.g. two or three sessions.

Is the laser safe for my eyes?

The Handy Pulse Laser is a Class 1 laser which means there are no eye safety requirements. However, it does still come with a pair of safety glasses.

Is the laser safe to use near metal implants?


Is the laser used directly on the skin? Can you use it over clothing?

Yes, the Handy Pulse Laser is used directly on the skin. It is not recommended to be used over clothing. 

What are the contraindications?

  • Pregnant women should not apply the device in the vicinity of the womb
  • Do not use in the vicinity of a pacemaker
  • Treatment is not recommended in cancer cases.

What safety mechanisms does the Handy Pulse Laser have?

The Handy Pulse Laser has a built in safety mechanism that it can only be turned on when the lens is facing down into the palm of your hand, and the start/stop button is held down for two seconds. 

Every 24 hours between uses the laser device runs a check of the dose specifications, if for any reason the therapeutic dose is not correct the device will shut down and not work.


Can I get a new battery/charger/lens?

Yes, if you are our customer, please contact us.

Can I use the laser while it's charging?

No, you can not use the laser while it is charging or connected to the power.

Can the three components of the Handy Pulse Laser be set to operate individually?

No all three components - Pulsed Infrared Laser, Visible Red Light and Static Magnetic Field operate together in a synergistic manner for therapeutic affect.

How do I charge the laser?

The laser needs charging when the battery light (in the top left hand corner) starts flashing red. Charge the laser until this light turns green. There's no need to charge the laser all the time as it is a lithium ion battery. The laser has 12 hours battery life once fully charged.

Note: The laser will not work while charging.

How do I turn on/off the laser?

To turn on the laser, press and hold the start/stop button for 2 seconds until it beeps. The laser will run a self-test (3 lights will blink). When 2 lights turn green the laser is ready to use. 

To start treatment, press the start/stop button again.  The laser is operating when you see a red light flashing in the laser lens.

To turn off, simply press and hold the start/stop button for 2 seconds until the light goes out.

How long does the laser last on full charge?

The laser lasts 12 hours on full charge. 
Note: The laser will not work while charging.

What is a LASER?

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

What is GaAlAs?

GaAlAs stands for Gallium-Aluminum Arsenide and it produces light in the range of 780 to 870 nm.

What is GaAs?

GaAs is the Gallium arsenide infrared laser diodes that the Handy Pulse laser device uses to produce super pulsed infrared light in the 900nm range.

Do you have an outlet for the product and can I pick it up?

No, it is delivery only. Although, we do have some resellers in certain areas that sell our lasers. 

How long does it take to deliver?

Local shipping to Sydney usually takes 1-2 days. Shipping time within Australia varies with location but on average will take around 3-5 days. International shipping usually takes around 10 days.

I don't have a paypal account. How do I purchase a product overseas?

All international transactions are processed through paypal. You don't need a paypal account, you can just log in as a visitor and still pay through paypal. 

Is the Handy Pulse Laser compatible with international power grids?

Yes, when combined with an international power adapter. 

Which postal company do you use?

Australia Post

Can I buy the acupuncture probe separately?

Yes, the acupuncture probe is available to purchase for $150 over the phone. 

Can I claim the laser on my private health fund?

Some private health funds will let you claim for the Handy Pulse Laser, but it also depends on your particular plan and level of cover. In some cases a letter from your health professional is required by the health fund.

Can I rent the laser?

No, you cannot rent the laser although some practitioners in some areas of Australia do have a renting service for the Handy Pulse Laser. 

Could my pain increase?

Every patient and medical condition is unique and not all patients and conditions will respond to LLLT in the same way. If your pain increases consult your medical professional. Information on this website should not be considered as medical advice.

Do you have a try-before-you-buy policy?

No, but we do have a 7 day money back guarantee. 

Do you have an online user guide for the Handy Pulse Laser?

No, we don't have an online user guide for the Handy Pulse Laser. The laser comes with a detailed user manual. 

Do you offer a pensioner or senior's discount?


Does low level laser therapy have published scientific literature?

Yes there is a large and rapidly growing amount of scientific papers on laser therapy. There are more than 130 double-blind positive studies confirming the clinical effect of low level laser therapy (LLLT).

More than 3000 research reports are published.

In recent years some 250 papers have annually been published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Since LLLT has a general effect, a wide range of treatments have been suggested, some well documented, some less documented and others anecdotal. (Source World Association of Laser Therapy)

Does the Handy Pulse Laser come with a user manual?

Yes, the manual explains how to operate the pulsed laser and provides guidance on the treatment of different conditions it can be used for.

I lost my manual - can you send me a copy of the user manual?

Yes, we can send a replacement user manual free of charge. Just email us and include the delivery address. 

Is the Handy Pulse Laser included on the ARTG?

Yes Pulse Laser Relief's supply of the Handy Pulse Laser has been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) - Identifier number 220699.

Is the Handy Pulse Laser the same as the Handy Cure?

It is also the same product as the Handy Cure s' and the Handy Cure Rx.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a two year Australian warranty. 

Where are you located?

Sydney, Australia.

Where is the laser made?

The laser is made in Israel, with the main 905nm laser diode component made in Germany.


Vielight FAQ

Does it matter which nostril I use?

It does not matter which nostril is used. However, users with sinus issues and/or eye issues may interchange nostrils to target both sinuses, optic nerves and both eyeballs.

How long does each session last?

The Vielight intranasal units are auto-timed for 25 minutes, while the Neuro is timed for 20 minutes.

How often should I use my Vielight devices?

We recommend using the intranasal units twice every day, once in the morning and once at night.

However, we recommend using the Vielight Neuro once every second day.

I am going to share my device with other people. Can I cover the applicator with a plastic cap or other materials?

No, this would reduce the coherency of the light source and will reduce its effectiveness.

I do not see any light at the 810 nose applicator. Is this normal?

Light at 810nm is near invisible. Sometimes people mistakenly think the applicator is faulty as the light can appear to be dimming or even invisible when viewed at certain angles. However, the power density is deceptively stronger than what it appears to be.

What other applications do Vielight devices have?

Some users have used our intranasal devices to address gum infections by placing the diode next to the infected area in their mouth. However, the most effective area would be intranasal area because it is rich with blood capillaries along with its proximity to the brain.

Which of the three intranasal units is the best?

No unit is the best. Pick the model that best suits what you are trying to address. The Vielight 633/655 emphasise the body, the immune system and cardiovascular issues. The Vielight 810 and the Neuro emphasise the brain.

Are there known contraindications?

Over 40 years of accumulated scientific studies on low level light therapy reveal no major contraindications.

Are there known side effects with the Vielight products?

For first time users, the following side effects have been reported:

  • Tiredness (temporary) - probably due to the release of metabolites but the majority report a resurgence of energy
  • Headaches (temporary) - from the reactivation of neural connections and increased microcirculation
  • Dry throat (temporary) - from the stimulation of renal functions.


Can children use this?

Yes. However, cut time interval down to 5-10 minutes as a start then gradually extend the time. If headaches occur, reduce the time frame back down.

Do Vielight products have FDA approval?

No, at present. The FDA have categorised the Vielight devices as low-risk general wellness devices in accordance to the FDA’s draft on “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” – dated January 20, 2015. All Vielight devices have been independently TÜV certified as safe for consumer use.

Will the intranasal devices interfere with my pacemaker?

To date, there are no reported incidences of intranasal devices interference with pacemakers.

How long do the diodes last?

Our intranasal diodes are built from transparent high impact polycarbonate. They are built to last for years and are covered by a year-long manufacturer’s warranty.

I have been using my intranasal for some time. Now there is no light at the applicator. What is wrong?

There are two reasons why your applicator has not light.

– The first reason is the device is switched on without the applicator. To rectify this, switch the power off, attach the cable to the control unit and then switch the power on again.

– If there is still no light, check for a persistent green light at APP Fault. If there is a green light there, the applicator is faulty. The applicator will be replaced by us if it is still under warranty, please contact us info@pulselaserrelief.com.au.


What batteries do your devices use?

– The 633, 655 and 810 Vielight devices use 1.5 V AA batteries 
– The Neuro is rechargeable (charging unit is provided)

What is near infrared (NIR) light?

Near infrared light is electromagnetic radiation (700-1400 nm) within the electromagnetic spectrum. It is mostly invisible to the naked eye.

Where are Vielight devices made?

Components come from different parts of the world. They are assembled in the USA and Canada.

How long does it take to deliver?

Local shipping to Sydney usually takes 1-2 days. Shipping time within Australia varies with location but on average will take around 3-5 days. International shipping usually takes around 10 days.

Are these covered by medical insurance?

No, they are not unless your insurance plan covers wellness devices.

Can I carry and use Vielight devices on a plane?

Yes, you can.

Can I share a unit with my partner/spouse?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you clean the nasal applicator with a swab of alcohol between each consequent use. If you are not comfortable with sharing, you can always purchase a separate nose applicator.

Do the units come with instructions?

Yes, there is a manual provided within the packaging. 

What benefits do you get by buying a Neuro and not the Vielight 810?

– The Neuro covers a larger area of the brain through the transcranial diodes and the intranasal applicator. It has been designed to irradiate the “default mode network” of the brain.
– The Neuro is better for people suffering from traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions. The 810 was designed for casual use.

What is the difference between the Vielight 810 and the Neuro?

– The Vielight 810 is a near infrared (NIR) intranasal-only device that was engineered for everyday use.
– The Neuro was designed to deliver a more comprehensive treatment. It is an infrared transcranial headset combined with an intranasal Neuro applicator. It has a significantly higher power density than the Vielight 810. Its recommended usage is once every two or three days.

What’s the difference between the Vielight 655 and Vielight 633?

The Vielight 655 utilizes a low level laser diode while the Vielight 633 utilizes a LED. Lasers have a longer research history than LEDs. However, the usage of LEDs is gaining popularity in the field of photobiomodulation.