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Treating Post Operative Pain with Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Post-operative pain treatment

Post-surgery pain is very common and can lead to delayed recovery.

Low level laser therapy, applied during the first 24hr after surgery, has been shown (Nesioonpour S et al 2014), to help reduce the intensity of pain and significantly reduce the use of analgesic medication used during this period.

Laser therapy, used as a preventative treatment can also help reduce the duration of postoperative pain, and reduce the incidence of chronic pain.

Low Level Laser Therapy as part of a multidisciplinary approach to the management of acute pain, can lead to improved pain relief, patient outcomes and reduced incidence of side effects.


Treatment Method


Hold the laser directly on to the pain affected area, onto bare skin. Touching the skin, hold still or scan slowly for the duration of the treatment session.


Further reading


“Low Level Laser Therapy is a proper method to reduce postoperative pain because it is painless, safe, and non-invasive and is easily accepted by patients.”


“Low level laser therapy can be beneficial for the reduction of postoperative pain.”


  • The effect of infra-red diode laser irradiation on the duration and severity of postoperative pain: A double blind trial Laser Therapy, 1992, VOL 4; NUMBER 4, pages 145 Moore KC, Hira N, Broome IJ, Cruikshank JA

“There was a 50% reduction in the postoperative pain experienced by the laser treated patients together with a concomitant reduction in analgesic requirements.”

Important information for patients: This is intended as general information about post-operative pain management, and a quick summary of some of the relevant research. Please always consult your health professional to determine if the Handy Cure Laser will be beneficial for you.


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