The quad coil attachment is suitable for people who previously own the Mira Mate Mini PEMF Device but wish to treat a larger surface area. The quad coils are composed of eight separate coils that are combined into a strong/flexible design of two separate discs, delivering overall four times the power output of the single coil design. 

The quad coils can be administered to the body in discrete ways, such as under clothing or strapped to the body with the provided elastic body band. This makes the product an effective portable solution to pain relief while on the go or simply relaxing at home.

Note: Product includes quad coils only - Mira Mate Mini PEMF device sold separately.


  • Overall width: 89.3mm

  • Overall height: 96.1mm

  • Thickness: 5.6mm

  • Cable length: 1.22m

  • Magnetic Strength: 200 Gauss (with stacked coils)


3 month manufacturer warranty. Does not cover water or physical damage.

Bidirectional Pulse

Most existing PEMF mat devices on the market only apply a single pulse in the same direction. After long-term treatments, the cells and body are recharged in one direction and they won’t be neutralised. The Miramate PEMF Mat is special. It gently applies a single, gentle healing frequency and changes direction every 10 minutes. So your body will maintain equilibrium, and won’t become magnetically charged.

Sharp Square Wave

Miramate PEMF Mat uses a square waveform, which NASA studies have shown to be effective for cell stimulation and regeneration. The square waveform produced is shorter and sharper, effectively energising cells to improve blood flow and repair to keep the body in optimal, healthy condition. The sharpness of this waveform means the signal within cells will also be stronger.

Schumann Resonance

As we all know, the frequency is very important to PEMF therapy. Big Magic exactly copies the natural frequency of the earth, which is called the Schumann resonance 7.83hz. According to scientific studies, this magic frequency perfectly matches the frequency of our body, mind, tissues and cells. It can balance the body and attempt to improve the quality of health at a baseline level. The human body needs this frequency to maintain health.

Durable Material

Miramate PEMF mat is designed to be flexible and practical. The size is long enough to cover your entire spine if you have a back pain and you can also wrap it around your leg or other body parts which hurt. PEMF mats uses high-quality, durable PVC material, to handle daily use. The PVC material mat is lightweight, easy to clean and waterproof, providing both comfort and durability. You can use it directly on the skin without allergies. It can also be placed underneath a sheet or a pillow to be more comfortable while doing overnight treatment.



SKU MM3E24602
Brand Miramate

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