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Professional Practitioner Low Level Laser Models

Pulse Laser Relief distributes Irradia Lasers from Sweden. We have a range of cordless models as well as Irradia's Original Mid-Laser Unit which is fully customisable.

Choosing the right low level laser for your practice can be some what complicated and confusing. Please contact us for more information and assistance in choosing the right laser for your practice, as we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the LLLT market. Please check back soon as we will be adding more information shortly about our professional practitioner range.

Irradia MID Laser

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Irradia MID-LITE Professional Low Level Laser Series


 Technical Specifications
  Laser type: GaAlAs (gallium aluminum arsenide)  
  Wavelength: 808 nm ± 3 nm - infrared  
  Number of laser diodes: 2 x 808 nm
  Bandwidth: ± 2 nm


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Technical Specifications
  Laser type: GaAlAs (gallium arsenide)  
  Wavelength: 904 nm ± 3 nm - infrared  
  Number of laser diodes: 3 x 904 nm
  Bandwidth: ± 2 nm
  Average power output: 60 mW ± 10%
  Super Pulse (peak power): 20,000 mW


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 Technical Specifications
  Laser type: GaAlInPh (aluminum gallium indium phosphide)  
  Wavelength: 660 nm ± 3 nm - red  
  Number of laser diodes: 2 x 660 nm
  Bandwidth: ± 2 nm
  Adjustable output power: 25, 50, 75, 100 mW ± 10%
  Power pulsing: Up to 300 mW / diode


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Irradia Mid-Laser Unit

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