The New Laser Therapy Handbook

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The New Laser Therapy Handbook is for sale here for Australia and New Zealand

Laser Phototherapy - the future of medicine (summary from the back cover)

The development of pharmaceuticals has dramatically contributed to improved global health. However, pharmaceuticals are also creating severe side effects for patients and the environment. Researchers are therefore looking for non-pharmaceutical therapies. This book describes one of the most promising therapies in this search - laser phototherapy. 

After more than 40 years of use, still no serious side effects of using laser light as a medical treatment modality have been observed. Low energies of laser light affect the natural and basic mechanisms of our cells and restore their impaired function, thereby triggering a cascade of positive effects. Some of these lead to improved wound healing, reduction of oedema, healing of neurological injuries, increased microcirculation and to pain relief, just to mention a few of the indications reported in the scientific literature. 

Laser phototherapy is often looked upon as an "alternative" medical modality. More than 2100 scientific references in this book are telling a different story. As with all kinds of scientific work, new discoveries generate new questions. In spite of great steps ahead in the scientific understanding of the medicinal effect of light, we still do not know all the optimal parameters. But we do know enough to make laser phototherapy a strong candidate for a therapy based upon evidence. Some of that evidence is presented in this book. 

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