Countdown to the world’s largest gathering of Low Level Laser Therapy professionals: WALT2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The countdown to WALT2014 has begun and the PLR team is pretty excited. From September 9-11, LLLT experts, practitioners, academics and industry reps with convene for the biannual event in Arlington/Washington DC for the World Association of Laser Therapists.

The theme for the conference is: Photobiomodulation: Mainstream Medicine and Beyond. The conference aims to be a global forum for Light Therapy users and improve understanding of the photobiological mechanisms, treatment parameters, techniques and clinical research.

The conference promises to be THE place to showcase new clinical and scientific discoveries in the field of Low Level Laser. According to a recent WALT/NAALT update there was an unprecedented number of abstracts submissions for this event (4 times as many as previous years). The conference organisers have already hinted that the event will ‘showcase immense talent and progress from a range of clinical and basic science investigators’ and explore ‘the most current exciting advancements in the field of photobiomodulation and parallel, relevant fields including effects on stem cells, insights in mechanisms and the current concepts of low dose effects in biology’.

It’s great to see the growing body of research into the use and efficacy of low level laser therapy across both medical and complementary treatments for a range of conditions. We will keep you updated on the new papers and studies that are presented at the conference.

The conference will help laser practitioners gain knowledge across a wide range of basics, intermediate and advanced levels and topics ranging from fundamentals in devices, biology and governing regulations to practical, clinical applications in medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture.  

The list of speakers is also quite impressive. We are particularly impressed to see our very own Australian laser practitioners and AMLA representatives (Dr Roberta Chow and Ann Lieberts) among the list of world-renowned experts speaking at WALT. All the best Roberta and Ann!

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