The Pulse Laser Relief Story  

Pulse Laser Relief is the exclusive distributor of the Handy Pulse Laser Cure device in Australia and New Zealand. The Pulse Laser Relief company was established in early 2012. The company was launched at the 2012 World Association of Laser Therapy WALT Congress - Gold Coast.

The founders of the business found the laser device to be beneficial to their own health conditions and thought that this device could help the thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand better manage their pain.

About the Handy Pulse Laser

The Handy Pulse Laser device is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device useful for pain management and to help facilitate functional restoration and improvement. The device is listed in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods - ARTG ID: 220699. The laser devices are designed to be used by patients under the direction of medical specialists.

Pulse Laser Relief supports health professionals such as pain specialist doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors through supplying simple and relatively affordable lasers to their patients. Patient home treatment regimes that are prescribed by professionals in between clinic lasers treatments have been found to complement clinic treatments for a range of ailments. The company's mission is to increase the general public's awareness of Low Level Laser Therapy and its wide applications.

Handy Pulse Laser Australia and New Zealand Reseller Program

Pulse Laser Relief is looking for Resellers for the Handy Pulse Laser in Australia and New Zealand to both professional practitioners and for patients. Low Level Laser Light Therapy for treating pain is a rapidly growing branch of medicine, and now has a new name - Photobiomodulation.

The Handy Pulse Laser which includes a super pulsed infrared 905nm laser, which is popular amongst the laser research professionals, as the 905nm GaAs laser has the second best scientific documentation after the HeNe lasers. Our Resellers supplies the device with chargers for Australian and New Zealand power outlets (AS/NZS 3112), as compared to those used in North America, and includes a two year warranty on the laser devices. Please Contact Us to find out more information how you can partner with us.

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